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As a 58 year old normally healthy nurse practitioner, I had quite a hard time dealing with the fact that I had torn my rotator cuff and was not out of pain despite months of orthopedic specialist medical interventions and one totally useless massage.  I was exhausted from not sleeping well due to shoulder pain.  Then I sought treatment from Michele Wren, a myofascial massage therapist, who had helpend many of my patients with a broad range of problems.  Michele listened carefully to my history, examined my injury thoroughly, and spent more than an hour therapeutically massaging the area that was giving me trouble.  As soon as she began working on my injured shoulder and arm, I knew that progress was finally being made.  For the first time in over 3 months, I was able to get a full night's sleep uninterrupted by pain.  My range of motion has improved by about 30% in one session.  Thank you, Michele, for all you did for me and my patients...more than words can say.

Miriam K., FNP-BC, MSN, doctoral resident

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

The massage I had last week was the first one I ever had, Michele made me feel so comfortable.  I was afraid it would hurt, but it was perfect.  I can move my neck farther than I have in a year.  This is better than a pain pill, I am definitely coming back - often!

- Sherri M.

Michele obviously has had extensive training.  After weeks of doctors visits and other appointments, her treatment was the first that releaved my chronic hip pain.

- Cynthia E.

Michele's treatments are as good for my heart as they are for my body.  I consider massage a part of my health care and I wouldn't miss a week.

- Bailey T.

I have been doing the 12-series Structural Integration sessions with Michele, and I have seen amazing changes in a short time.  I feel it is so much more than a massage, it is changing the way I live in my body. I stand differently, I move differently, and my pain in my hip is gone, too. Thank you so much for the caring way that you work with me.  It has changed my life.

-Sarah C.

Like many people who live and work on Cape Cod, I have two occupations that provide my living.  My day job as a painter is physically demanding and owning the business means putting in extra hours of estimating and scheduling.  As a professional musician and band leader (Dan Sullivan Trio) I'm working and rehearsing in the evenings.  It sounds like a lot because it is. I soon realized that I would need extra help to be successful burning the candle at both ends. I tried two different massage therapists over the course of six months.  They were very nice and professional in every regard, but the results fell short of my expectation.  When I made an appointment with Michele, I explained the physical situation that I had been enduring for an extended period of time.  Michele completely alleviated my neck and shoulder pain in that first massage!  After almost two years of constant pain it was finally gone.  Her gift to me that day at Kembali is beyond any words I possess. 

-Dan S.

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